About Dr. Nassir

Joseph Nassir, MD of Orange County Warts Treatment specializes in Internal Medicine with additional training in Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) at the University of Medicine New Jersey Hackensack. Dr. Nassir has dedicated himself to the treatment and removal of warts including genital warts as well as the testing and treatment of Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

Also experienced in family and patient counseling, he instills guidance and encouragement to his patients throughout the treatment process. Maintaining a confidential, private treatment approach is a service Dr. Nassir provides for both current and new patients.


I was so embarrassed by my genital warts, Dr. Nassir made me feel comfortable and treated me anonymously.


Dr. Nassir treated me same day, quick, easy & painless! I didn’t feel a thing. I'm extremely satisfied with the results!


I tried several over-the-counter treatments and none of them did a thing! After just one session at OC Warts Treatment, Dr. Nassir was able to get rid of my warts once and for all!